A Wonderful Prophecy and True Pretension of the Holy Quran

Fourteen hundred years back the Holy Quran said in Surah no 2 refrains no 154 "And don't state of the individuals who are killed in the method for Allah that they are dead. Rather, they are alive, yet you don't see."

Also, in Surah no 3 verse no 169 "And think not about those, who are killed in the method for Allah, as dead, rather, they are bursting at the seams with their ruler, very much gave." The significance of Request Personal Prophecy these verses is that those Muslims who are killed in the method for God are not dead, however, they are bursting at the seams with their ruler, and all around gave, and we can't see that how they are alive and how the God gives them the profound nourishments and beverages? There are a magnificent prediction and genuine demand of Holy Quran that when I looked into in 2009 as indicated by the above sections, I found that there are surely millions of dead bodies like alive people of those Muslim Martyrs who were killed in the method for God (the method for religion Islam) in their graves under the Earth in Muslim graveyards of the world since hundreds of years and years. They are in new and resting conditions without eating the nourishment, drinking the water, without utilized any machine for their insurance, and without utilized any synthetic on their dead bodies. I have depicted some evident occasions of them with genuine verifications that you can learn about them in a matter of seconds. This is anything but an enchantment, mystical stunt, or divination that anyone can reject or deny the thing I have said about my examination. It is a reality and a supernatural occurrence. Since there is no dead body like alive individuals in new and dozing state of any Non-Muslim troopers from Hindus, Jews and Christians who were killed during the battling against the Muslims in the wars occurred between the Muslims and Non-Muslims.   So I solicitation to Muslim and Non-Muslim researchers, Medical Doctors, master strict researchers, holy people and pioneers that they inquire about it and point out the purpose behind the distinction between the Muslim and Non-Muslim dead bodies. Our researchers have a great deal of cerebrum that they have made the bombs, and other current innovations however they came to the moon as well. So I trust that they will discover the explanation of secured dead collections of Muslims under the Earth as well?   Abrar Alam is a nonpartisan Muslim researcher and the World Peace Maker who found why there are bomb impacts and war among nations and examined on evident religion of God with unquestionable verifications You will be cheerful on his examination and you will feel a great deal of delight, a ton of information and expectation additionally that you will concur with his all musings and inquires about however you will consider your selves likewise that where are you and where you ought to be about religion?

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